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You party,

I pay

Having Finjinn is like having a Gennie for all your calculations and payments of salaries and compliance.

It gets done automatically!

Try it. It’s FREE!

You party,

I pay!

Having Finjinn is like having a Genie for calculations and payments of salaries and compliances.

It gets done automatically!

Try It. It’s FREE!

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You Party,
I Pay!

Having Finjinn is like having a Genie for calculations and payments of salaries and compliances.

It gets done automatically!

Try It. It’s FREE!

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Go on, do big things.

Figure out business. Bond with your team. Or take a break. Party!
Every thing to do with calculations and payments is our responsibility.

Done magically

All your calculations get done automatically without any errors. You only need to approve. This includes:

Our liability

Compliance, the biggest stress of small businesses, is entirely ours to sort. PF, PT, ESI, everything! We’re so sure that we guarantee a refund if we miss anything.

Unbelievably simple

Payment of salaries and compliance get done in seconds with just an OTP and your approval. Dot on time and error free. That’s how efficient and simple we’ve made payments.

And more

There is so much packed in this ‘calculation and payment solution’, that it is probably easier to experience than to explain.

3 wishes granted for every small business.

Small businesses love us because we help them focus on their business.

Use your time wisely

You didn’t start your business to spend your time calculating salaries, and compliance and stressing over payments. And here are some reasons why you shouldn’t.

Your team is everything

It is the heart and soul of your business. For any business to work, you need to work on keeping the bond strong and healthy.

Be zen

We have taken away every reason for you to stress about anything. You can go about your business with a calm mind knowing that we have your back.

Made in India.
For Indian small businesses.

We understand the world of Small businesses like no one does. And they love us for it.

Indian at heart

Running a small business in India is a different game that comes with it’s own set of challenges. We put our years of understanding and experience into solving one of the biggest challenges of small business owners.

State rule compliant

Indian laws are complex and require help of experts. Finjinn takes care of all Indian payroll laws so you don’t have to ever worry about them. You focus on your business and leave the laws to Finjinn.  

Small business focused

Most service providers run after big businesses and small businesses never truly get the love they deserve. We built Finjinn specifically for small businesses so that your own business becomes big soon.   

Trust us. We’ve done this before.

Brought to you by the Paybooks family.